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Delivering IT solutions
Architecture, Development

Java, Spring, R, Python, Vue, Nuxt, JavaScript,
PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL,
Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps, and more

Delivering up-to-date technologies
for secure, scalable, high-available, manageable and responsive solutions
fully integrated into the existing environment

Cloud-Based Apps Development

Kubernetes, Docker, JAVA, Python, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Front-end Development

Vue, Nuxt, JavaScript, Node, etc.

Back-end Development

JAVA, Spring, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

Non-Cloud Apps Development

Windows and Linux platforms. JAVA, Python, R, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

DevOps Services

Speeding up the development life cycle and providing continuous delivery of applications.

Consulting Services

Proof of Concepts, Specifications, Project Management, Quality Assurance, Audits (source codes, processes, security, …), Business Continuity, etc.

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